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Eyeling Coloured Contact Lenses

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Guidelines On Contact Lens Care

How To Insert Contact Lenses

  • Using soap, wash your hands and rinse thoroughly. Dry them with a clean towel or with a piece of paper kitchen towel.
  • Pick up the contact lens and place it into the palm of your hand. Check that it is clean and in good condition.
  • Making sure that the contact lens is the right way around, ie not inside out, place it on your forefinger. If it's inside out you will see that the edges will flare up and out slightly.
  • Insert the lens into your eye. If necessary, use the forefinger on your other hand in combination with your third finger on your first hand to hold your eye to stop blinking. Remove your fingers, close your eye and the lens should move into place.
  • Repeat the process for the other eye.


  • If you get into the habit of always inserting the lens for the right eye first, you will then be less likely to mix up your lenses which could result in you adding one to the wrong eye.
  • For the first few days, you might find it challenging, but people do get used to inserting them.

How to Remove Your Contact Lenses

  • Using soap, wash your hands and rinse thoroughly. Dry them with a clean towel or with a piece of paper kitchen towel.
  • Ensure that the lens is positioned in the centre of your eye before you attempt to remove it. If it is not centred correctly, push it into place with your finger.
  • Squeeze the contact lens gently between both of your third fingers and remove it from your eye.


  • Again, you might prefer to get into the habit of removing the contact lense from the right eye first, so that you don't get confused with which lens has been removed.

Storage and cleaning of contact lenses

  • With clean hands, place the contact lens in the centre of the palm of your hand. Apply a few drops of the recommended cleaning solution to it. Gently rub the contact lens with your smallest finger so that it is rubbed on both sides by your palm and your finger.
  • Now use the contact lens solution to thoroughly rinse the lens.
  • Fill your contact lens case to the top with contact lens solution and then place your newly cleaned lens into the compartment. Secure the lid of the lens case and go through the same cleaning procedure with the other lens. Your lenses will need to be in the case for at least 4 hours for them to be fully soaked and disinfected for your use.
  • After you have inserted your lenses, then empty the remaining and used solution from the lens case and rinse with water. Allow the inside of the case to dry with air by not using the cap.


  • Do not use water or saliva or any other liquids to store, clean or rinse your contact lenses. It will not be able to clean or disinfect your lenses and will be particular uncomfortable to the eye and could even cause irreparable damage to your eye.
  • Change your lens case every 90 days. Do not use more than one solution at the same time.

How Long Should You Wear Lenses For?

Most lenses are recommended by manufacturers and opticians to be worn for no more than 10-12 hours a day, 5 days a week. Wearing your glasses for 2 days a week will ensure that your eyes are receiving enough oxygen to stay healthy and to prevent veins from growing on your eye. Please follow guidelines as suggested by your optician.

We also recommend that you don't wear lenses whilst swimming. Please use special swimming glasses if you need improved eyesight to swim.

Please monitor every day:

    • Can you see clearly enough?
    • Do your eyes feel comfortable?
    • Do your eyes look healthy and are not red?

If you cannot answer „YES” to these 3 questions please stop wearing lenses and contact your optician.

Please visit your optician at least once a year, even if you do not have any problems with your eyes. This is needed to ensure that you have a clear vision and healthy eyes.

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