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Eyeling Coloured Contact Lenses

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Service conditions for

By using services from (referred on as Service provider),  you (referred as Service user) agree with the following terms and conditions:

1. Online shop
1.1. is an Internet online shop set up by Service provider, mediating product sale to Service user.
1.2. is managed by Estonian company Metriton Ltd
2. General Provisions
2.1. Service provider has got the right to make changes into the offered service at any time.
2.2. Service provider has got the right to make changes in the terms of User Contract not being obliged to inform the Service user.
2.3. Service user confirms him (her-) self being 18 years old legally capable without any restrictions.
3. Products and purchasing
3.1. Purchase order lead time has, as a rule, been marked to the displayed products. Availability of displayed products in may change.
3.2. In case the product is missing and no possibility to execute the order, an employee of Service provider contacts Service user, offering a new delivery time or replacing option to the product of the same price and quality or money is sent back to Service user. Reimbursement is made within thirty (30) calendar days at the latest.
3.3. Displayed product pictures have an illustrative meaning and may differ from the real product in Product descriptions in are not complete and may contain unwanted mistakes.
3.4. Service user is making the choice of desired products and is taking an obligation to insert the required data (first name, family name, contact phone number, e-mail address, delivery address, postal code) to order the products and pay for the product via chosen way.
3.5. Service user declares and confirms that he (she) wants and agrees to pay the purchasing price of the product before execution of order by Service provider. If Service user chooses paying via Paypal or Moneybookers, he (she) is taking an obligation to pay for the product at once in the course of ordering. If Service provider is taking an obligation to pay by invoice, an obligation is taken then to pay during three (3) calendar days starting from the day order has been made. Order is reversed to execution after money has deposited to the account number of Service provider.
3.6. Service user is obliged to present correct data in ordering. Service provider does not take a responsibility for unsuccessful execution of order or other results due to incorrect data presented by Service user.
3.7. Sale takes place if Service user has placed an order in, has inserted all the required data and paid for the order.

4. Prices
4.1. All prices in are in GBP, VAT included.
4.2. Service provider has got the right to change the displayed prices in at any time. If Service provider has changed prices in after Service user has placed an order and paid, then Service provider takes an obligation to deliver these products to Service user with prices valid at the moment order has been placed. Service user has no right to demand reimbursement.

5. Backing out from contract before implementation by Service provider`s side
5.1. If service user desires back out from the contract after the order has been placed and before implementation of the contract by Service provider`s side, Service user is obliged to inform Service provider in a written form at once. A written message has to be sent on e-mail
E-mail has to include the date, the order had been placed, number of the undesired order, contact data of Service user (first name, family name, contact phone number).
5.2. When backing out application reaches Service provider after contract implementation by Service provider`s side, then the backing out is taking place according to point nr 6 –Return on approval.
5.3. Service provider makes reimbursement of the paid sum within thirty (30) days at the latest starting from the date, back out desire from the contact has been received.
5.4. Money will be transferred to the same account number, from which monetary yield has been made to Service provider.

6. Return on approval
6.1. Return of standard contact lenses.
6.1.1. Thirty-days (30) return right is valid for unopened contact lenses bought from .
6.1.2. Service user is obliged first to contact Service provider by e-mail to in order to return standard contact lenses.
6.1.3. The returned contact lenses must be: unopened (unopened conteiner/case and/or parcel), in original package and fit for resale, returned within thirty (30) calendar days counting from arrival date, having copy of the order or bill and reason , why product is returned is recommended.
6.1.4. Returning costs of lenses covers Service user.
6.1.5. On returning lenses Service provider is obliged to transfer money back to Service user within thirty (30) calendar days from returning date. Money is transferred to the same account; it has been transferred from to Service provider.
6.3. Defected contact lenses.
6.3.1. When Service user detects at once after starting to use the lenses, that lens is defected, then Service user is obliged to inform Service provider at once and return both lenses original package adding his(her) name, returning number and the reason of returning.
6.3.2. Service user covers return costs of lenses. When the lenses are confirmed to be defected, Service provider reimburses reasonable return costs on the basis of cost documents.
6.4. Return of the other products.
6.4.1. For hygienic reasons it is not possible to return lens containers, tweezers and cleaning means.
7. Personal data and usage
7.1. Service user gives a clear consent to Service provider for using the personal data.
7.2. On placing an order the personal data inserted by Service user are put into client register and are used for both sale service and goods offer for Service user.
7.3. Client relations establishment in ordering in is the source of personal data.
7.4. Registered personal data are: first name, family name, contact phone, e-mail address, address: city, street, house number, flat number, postal code.
7.5. Personal data are elaborated by Metriton Ltd.
7.6. Personal data necessary for goods mediating to Service user are forwarded to mediation companies.
7.7. Personal data are secured by security measures.
7.8. Service provider takes an obligation not to forward registered personal data to outsiders.
7.9. Service provider is taking an obligation to forward personal data of Service user if it is stipulated by law.
7.10. Service user has got the right to check his (her) personal data, also to change or eliminate them from the register.
7.11. Service user agrees to get order confirmation from Service provider to his (her) e-mail address.
8. Responsibility
8.1. Service user is obliged to use service only on aims corresponding on law good customs.
8.2. Service user is responsible for all costs due to providing him (her-) self with the necessary equipment, software and data communication systems to make enable to use service and pay for this service usage as well.
8.3. Service user is completely responsible for Usage agreement, for negative service usage of, for loss of Service provider, for loss of the other users and for the loss made to the third persons.

9. Guarantee
9.1. Service provider is responsible for inadequacy to contract terms, when it occurs during usage period set up by producer (for ex one month lenses a month, two-months lenses two months etc).
9.2. Service user has to inform Service provider about inadequacy to contract terms, but not later than during seven (7) calendar days from beginning of the usage period.
9.3. Service user has got the right on detection of defects to demand product improvement free of charge or replacement.
9.4. Sale guarantee involves each defect only defects caused by Service user are excluded.
9.5. In case of detected defects Service user informs Service provider and presents contact lenses, original package and the number of the order.
9.6. Service provider is not responsible for defects of the product if:
9.6.1. Service user has broken usage and maintenance terms of the product;
9.6.2. Demand concerning lenses is forwarded later than during seven (7) days from the beginning of usage period;
9.6.3. Product has been tried to improve independently;
9.6.4. Numbers of the order, original package of lenses, or contact lenses are not attached to the demand.
9.7. Sales guarantee is given to the product by Metriton Ltd.
9.8. In addition to the rights in the present point, Service user has also the other rights stipulated by the law.
10. Use terms
10.1. To get introduced to Use terms is obligatory to Service user.
10.2. Presenting the order , marking with a sign in a corresponding window `I agree" with usage terms, Service user confirms he (she) has got acquainted to the terms, understood and agreed with them.
10.3. Service user confirms when is placing the order that:
10.3.1. An optometrist or eye doctor has prescribed contact lenses and he (she) has used them before;
10.3.2. He (she) is aware of the parameters of the needed lenses;
10.3.3. Knows how to use and take care of the lenses;
10.3.4. Is aware of the threats, which may be accompanied by wearing the lenses, bad caring or false treatment;
10.3.5. Have no objections to wear lenses.
11. Final provisions
11.1. In case, one of the provisions in User contract turns contradictory as the result of adoption, change or reversal of a law or legal act, it does not impact the rest of the Use terms provisions and Service provider takes measures to replace out of date provision with the new legitime one. The laws the Republic of Estonia apply.
11.2. Titles in User contract are meant only as references to make easier to read the text of Use contract. Titles do not possess any legal meaning in interpretation.

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